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Because she had just sang Jessica’s part during ‘Complete’, Seohyun couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. Yoona came in to comfort the maknae. You can see by the gentle way she touches Seohyun’s shoulder and arm, she is just as sad as the younger member of the group.

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i think i got a freelance job ohhhhhh



Jessica was expelled from SNSD. I say “expelled” because she didn’t sue SM to drop out of it.
SNSD recently renewed their contracts - all of them did. The reason why Jessica stayed in SM is that the rupture of the contract is just too expensive, both for SM to exonerate Jessica and for Jessica to drop out of SM. Jessica launched BLANC, that was the helm of her forced departure from the group. Other artists have brands, gastronomic companies, stores, but they all share the profits with SM. But Jessica launched BLANC by herself, invested on it by herself and got her own partners without SM’s help, be it due marketing or monetary. 
Jessica chose Chine as the company’s headquarter because her Chinese fanbase is her biggest one, and SM isn’t that influent there. SM, alongside to the manipulated media (Allkpop, Dispatch, Sportsseoul, NAVER), is trying to make people believe that Jessica neglected her activities as a SNSD member to prioritize her projecs with BLANC. But, if we analyze SNSD’s recent activities (even those amidst speculations that Jessica would launch her own brand and right after the official statement about it), we will see that Jessica religiously participated in all of them - even in individual activities like fanmeeting and CFs. SM also tries to sell the idea that Jessica is leaving SNSD because she wants to get married. The Chinese press made up a date for the marriage, but Tyler Kwon denied it, like he has been doing for months. 
But the worst of all SM’s manipulations is that they’re trying to make people believe that the other 8 girls from SNSD were mad at Jessica because of the effort she was putting into BLANC. We gathered the facts since BLANC was officially announced: the members wore the glasses at the airport, Taeyeon wore them in the pictures from the Las Vegas photobook, and Tiffany happily talked about it at KCON. The girls support Jessica, it doesn’t matter what SM says. 
BLANC rose quickly, had its website overloaded after few hours since its opening and obtained the success Jessica expected. Because Jessica used SNSD’s for sales because she is SNSD’s Jessica, SM demanded parts of the profits from BLANC, which was supposedly a great one, considering the brand’s sucess. Jessica was boycotted by SM, that released an EXO photobook called “Die Jungs” in the same day of BLANC’s launch, and Jessica had to postpone everything. 
SM is a vengeful company. Even after years, JYJ can’t perform on TV shows and is boycotted in some events. SM is all about money, and if they see their idols are profitting individually without sharing such profits with them, they do everything they can to ruin it.

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SM released an official pronouncement of Jessica. I will not put it here, because it’s ridiculous. But the summary is: Jessica says that SM was an angel and she leaned in BLANC and SNSD are the villains who didn’t accept her making money. 
Now let’s recap. 
1. Who launched photobook called exo ”Die Jungs” on the same day of the inauguration of the brand? 
2. Who used the brand at the airport, photobook and events? 
3. Who is the most influential company in Korea, which can control the process of communication?