Oh look, an easy way to understand AKB48.

AKB48 is a huge-ass group, so it has to be divided into sister groups. That being understood, we have:

  • AKB48 (90 members total)
  • SKE48 (63 members total)
  • NMB48 (62 members total)
  • HKT48 (38 members total)
  • JKT48 (24 members total)

All of these 48 groups are also divided into sub-units, called Teams. So AKB48 is composed of Team A, Team K and Team B. We’re not gonna get into much detail on these things though. 

What is important here is that all of these 277 members are under the command of this badass motherfucker:

General Manager Takahashi Minami. And that was your lesson for the day.